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Founded in 2008 in Montreal, XRM Vision is a human-sized CRM consulting firm driven by expertise and commitment. We specialize ourselves in creating and implementing Customer Relationship Management solutions, powered by the Microsoft Dynamics 365 universe.

We provide guidance to sales, marketing and customer service professionals enabling them to unleash the power of the processes and solutions we deliver, all the while focusing all their efforts on crafting an exceptional client experience.

From your customer’s journey definition to your full CRM implementation, we’ll strive to help you boost your productivity, improve your customer retention and spark your growth.

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Over time, we have become experts in the following fields:

CRM for High tech

The data generated by your company is a source of wealth.


CRM for Healthcare

Advances in health technologies and data analysis are facilitating new diagnostic and treatment options.


CRM for Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing competitiveness requires analysis of data.


CRM for Professional services

Growing competition on the world stage is forcing you to increase your productivity to remain competitive.


CRM for Financial Services

The financial services sector is experiencing an active period of transformation, either through the evolution of demand, competition consolidation or regulatory changes.



Did you know that your CRM ensures that :

Each 1$ spent brings back
Average increase of productivity
Average increase of customer retention

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Located in the Mile End, our offices are located amidst the largest contingent of artisanal artists and cultural workers. Parking in our building, which you can access through garage doors located between the civic addresses – 5455 and 5445 De Gaspe, is easily accessible and affordable.


  • Address : 5445 de Gaspé Avenue, Suite 110, Montréal (Quebec) H2T 3B2
  • Phone : 514 819-9094
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Create a customer engagement environment for your customers with Dynamics 365 (formerly known as Microsoft Dynamics CRM)

Your customers expect you to deliver a personalized and enriched customer experience . XRM Vision will manage this interaction with you by putting at your disposal the best technology to help you with customer retention, improving your productivity and managing your growth. Learn how.