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Feb 20, 2018
The XRM Vision team on offsite mode for two successful days!

  Thousands of companies around the world invite their employees to participate in offsite getaways. This gives the team a gathering place that is outside of the office and its routine. They discuss strategic issues surrounded by magnificent scenery. It is also an opportunity to thank all the[…]

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Feb 15, 2018
Artificial intelligence glossary: a few essential concepts

  Artificial intelligence is a word that is currently rolling off everyone’s tongue. Although it has been around for over sixty years, AI is the expression of the hour. Sometimes using the terms “machine learning”, “deep learning” or “algorithms” as synonyms, the media hype surrounding AI would have[…]

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Feb 08, 2018
XRM Vision welcomes François Lamarche to the team!

XRM is expanding! We are proud to introduce François Lamarche who will be joining our team as a support to our CEO in various administrative goals.  Our goal is to continue to improve our way of doing things all the while proactively managing our business risks. Determined and[…]

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Feb 06, 2018
Reflecting on 2017 : 3 trends that have marked CRM

2017 has been an extraordinarily productive year for technologies. A great number of innovations have gone from science fiction to reality in our daily lives. Apple has launched a phone which can be unlocked using facial recognition. IKEA has put an online application that works with augmented reality[…]

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Jan 25, 2018
A few essential features of Dynamics 365

The choices of CRMs to choose from have multiplied over the years. As shown in our previous article on how to choose the right CRM. The strategy behind what CRM to choose as well as your needs, will vary from one company to the next. Faced with these[…]

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Jan 17, 2018
It is time to measure the profitability of your sales and marketing efforts.

Most companies with an online presence, have tools that allow them to measure the impact of their marketing efforts. Whether it be Google Analytics, Hotjar, Hubspot or other available tools, there are many available solutions which enable marketers to quantify the results of their efforts. Unless the transaction[…]

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Dec 19, 2017
8 essential criteria in choosing a CRM that is adapted to your company

Choosing a CRM is a strategic move that can generate a significant amount of benefits. It is therefore crucial to thoroughly analyze your needs, your resources and the options available to you before undertaking an implementation process. Most importantly, you must think long term when making your decision.[…]

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Dec 11, 2017
Convincing your CFO that a good CRM is a smart investment

If you oversee sales or marketing, then you are probably already convinced of the benefits a CRM brings. Your colleagues in customer service, operations and human resources probably all support your decision to use this solution.  However, launching the implementation of a complete solution such as Dynamics 365[…]

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Dec 04, 2017
Analyzing the maturity of processes in the context of a CRM implementation

As previously mentioned in our article which describes the Capability Maturity Matrix, or CMM, assessing the maturity level of sales marketing and customer management processes is a key step in establishing a CRM solution. This assessment will give a better understanding of the robustness of CRM-supported processes and the[…]

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Nov 27, 2017
Do you know the maturity levels of your CRM?

Although companies are working hard to implement powerful CRM solutions, more than 47% consider the implementation of their solution to be a failure.  Why such a low success rate even when these companies choose the right solution and implement it by following all the recommended steps? The problem[…]

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