Partenaire Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 pour l'engagement des clients

Professional Services Industry

Professional Services Industry

Growing competition on the world stage is forcing you to increase your productivity to remain competitive. 

Your customers are increasingly demanding. Indeed, they want more value for their money and want to receive targeted, value-added services. You must stay connected to their business considerations and give them more for the same price.

  • Are you capable of having a historical view into services and/or products your customers have purchased to be more efficient when giving them expert advice?
  • Are your teams able to communicate with each other in a manner that maximizes productivity?
  • Are you managing internal operations efficiently? Is it impacting your customer experience delivery?
  • Do your technological tools enable you to manage and analyze the data collected on your customers?
  • Does your Web site generate sufficient quality leads? Are you better positioned than your competitors?

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You will be able to define the customer experience that you would like your audience to go through, from the moment they find you all the way through the purchase, as well as the role of each employee throughout this journey.

Modernize your customer service process by strategically using the CRM and the self-service tools with regards to your company’s business objectives.

Create a 360-degree view of your customer base to develop a more efficient client service resolution methodology.

Develop key performance indicators that will allow you to forecast the impact of your marketing activities.

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Create a customer engagement environment for your customers with Dynamics 365 (formerly known as Microsoft Dynamics CRM)

Your customers expect you to deliver a personalized and enriched customer experience . XRM Vision will manage this interaction with you by putting at your disposal the best technology to help you with customer retention, improving your productivity and managing your growth. Learn how.