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Sales Director

Sales Director

  • Is your sales team capable of leveraging the technology at their disposal to maximize their productivity and efficiency?
  • Are your sales professionals comfortable in their new role as strategic consultant and is the information they are sharing relevant?
  • Have you thought through the process of each interaction you have with your customers and do these interactions have any added value ?

Upkeeping customer relationship with XRM Vision

The day-to-day in your sale’s team work has evolved and buyers are much more knowledgeable in today’s world. Your sales representative must be able to provide your customers with strategic advice in order to help them in their purchasing cycle. The level of strategy will depend on the quality of information available on each buyer and your ability to share data internally to have maximum impact on your customer.

Think of the last time you physically made an appearance in a store to make a purchase. You most likely did an extensive and comparative search on the best brands, best prices considering reviews and opinions of other consumers before you felt you were ready to make a purchase. As you can clearly see, the role of a ‘’salesperson’’ has changed. In order to make a good impression and get the expected results, the sales professional must be able to work hand in hand with the potential buyer by understanding and advising the buyer.

The sales professional’s work tools have also evolved. They are very seldom connected to their traditional systems. In today’s world, the sales professionals are constantly connected to their mobile devices, which give them instant access to Outlook. CRM adoption must therefore begin with a seamless integration in their day-to-day productivity tools.

Discover how XRM Vision will help you use your CRM to control and reduce the amount of distractions that your customers face.

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You will be able to define the steps taken by your client from the moment they notice their needs, to the moment they make the purchase. Learn how to define the particular roles that each of your employees will have in your customer’s journey.



Modernization of your sales process by considering the new market methodology and proper use of the available technology.

Workflow review to maximize productivity and identify opportunities for collaboration in the sales team especially in a mobile environment.

How to create an efficient and collaborative environment between each team, measure and their impact on the customer and improve their respective performance in order to increase their impact on the customer.

Develop key performance indicators which will help you better predict the impact of your sales activity even before delivery orders are sent or processed.

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