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Customer Service Director

Customer service director

  • Do your employees have a good understanding of the customer profile attributed the individual they are dealing with when a client contacts your customer service department?
  • Is the technology at the disposal of your employees allowing them to achieve the customer experience you envisioned for your clients?
  • Are the interactions you are having with your clients cultivating their loyalty towards you or is it strictly a one-time transaction relationship?

360 degrees view with XRM Vision

These days, quick call resolution is no longer enough to deliver quality service. Your new reality demands that your customer service teams must be able to deliver a complete customer experience by keeping the customer’s complete business profile in mind and by understanding the impact a customer will have on your company.

Find out how, by using our Customer Journey tool, XRM Vision will help you create an enriching customer experience adapted to your specific business reality.

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You will be able to define the steps taken by your client from the moment they notice their needs, to the moment they make the purchase. Learn how to define the particular roles that each of your employees will have in your customer’s journey.

Modernize your customer service process by adapting the CRM and the readily available self-service tools into your business objectives.

Create a 360-degree view of your customer base to develop a more efficient client service resolution methodology.

Develop key performance indicators that will allow you to predict the impact of your marketing activities.

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Create a customer engagement environment for your customers with Dynamics 365 (formerly known as Microsoft Dynamics CRM)

Your customers expect you to deliver a personalized and enriched customer experience . XRM Vision will manage this interaction with you by putting at your disposal the best technology to help you with customer retention, improving your productivity and managing your growth. Learn how.

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