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Information Technology Manager

Information Technology manager

Gartner predicts there will be over 25 billion connected units by 2020. It is therefore crucial that we ask ourselves the following questions :

  • What impact does using Cloud have on enterprise solutions ?
  • How do you ensure the consoldiation of other collaboration tools and your information systems ?
  • Are you able to offer a clear view of your available data across many different systems ?
  • Is your company adapting well to a mobile workforce ?
  • Are your systems and software able to foster an environment where sharing information is done in a secure manner ?

The role of IT is constantly evolving. More and more, budgets are being moved to other business units. To remain pertinent, IT departments can no longer afford to solely focus on the day-to-day technical operations. They must adopt a more integrated business approach. Therefore, implementing client relationship management solutions is necessary for all the business lines and making sure that the technology is used properly is essential to reaching the company’s goals.  By understanding the current technology issues, IT teams can more efficiently support the business by helping them to choose the best solutions.

Find out how XRM Vision can help you position yourself as a key strategic player during the selection process of technological solutions for your business.

Our offers

You will be able to define the steps taken by your client from the moment they notice their needs, to the moment they make the purchase. Learn how to define the particular roles that each of your employees will have in your customer’s journey.

Through this program, we will provide you with the structure and tools necessary to improve user productivity, experience and adoption. Beyond the user toolkit, regular meetings and guidance, we will also support you with the goal of helping you acquire improved problem resolution skills. (Insert offer sheet)

Modernization of your sales process by considering the new market methodology and proper use of the available technology.

Workflow review to maximize productivity and identify collaboration opportunities within the sales team especially in a mobile environment.

Develop key performance indicators which will help you better predict the impact of your technology solutions.

Find out how Cloud adoption will simplify infrastructure management. You will be able to focus on your company’s business priorities and reduce your costs without worring about installation, maintenance and administration complications that could occur.

XRM Vision is offering you two Dynamics 365 versions:

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