XRM Vision received the Microsoft Gold Cloud Business Application competency

by David Brochu • 22 November 2018

After having received the Microsoft Gold CRM competency for the fourth year in a row, our company has now succeeded in obtaining the Microsoft Gold Cloud Business Application competency. What makes us even more proud is that we are the first partners in Canada to receive this recognition from Microsoft. A distinction awarded by Microsoft […]

Reflecting on 2017 : 3 trends that have marked CRM

by Patricia Rivas • 6 February 2018

2017 has been an extraordinarily productive year for technologies. A great number of innovations have gone from science fiction to reality in our daily lives. Apple has launched a phone which can be unlocked using facial recognition. IKEA has put an online application that works with augmented reality and allows you to view how a […]

Representatives, let the use of a CRM increase your productivity

by Patricia Rivas • 22 November 2017

  The implementation of a CRM solution brings obvious advantages for managers, it enables them to make decisions by providing readily available information at hand.  For a sales team, the real productivity gain of a tool like Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CRM) is at the level of the team members who use it daily.  But […]

Choosing the right CRM, Dynamics 365 or Salesforce?

by David Brochu • 7 November 2017

By Félix Robitaille, President  When a company starts to increase the number of sales it makes, the implementation of a CRM quickly becomes a priority.  When sales start growing in substantial volume and growth, your management team will often face the following dilemma: What is the better choice between Salesforce or Dynamics 365? Why focus […]

When your client works for you and the benefits of having an efficient portal

by David Brochu • 26 October 2017

By Félix Robitaille Your clients certainly do not enjoy having to call you for the slightest question. Also, a manager, will not reap any benefits by creating a big customer service team just to have them answer the same questions repeatedly. The above statement, demonstrates one of the biggest benefits in creating a self-service client […]

Building a sales opportunity scoring

by David Brochu • 12 October 2017

By Félix Robitaille, President It is of the utmost importance for a sales team to concentrate its energy on the most sustainable opportunities. Time is a limited luxury which no one can afford to waste. How do we choose the opportunities in which we invest? The implementation of CRM will allow you to manage these […]

Is your success built upon your employees?

by David Brochu • 5 October 2017

By Félix Robitaille, President Too many companies see their growth being halted by the departure of their best business developer or a change in the sales team leadership. Often, the performance of a few sales representatives will allow you to exceed your company’s growth objectives. Behind the last statement, hides a major problem: Your company […]

4 key factors to ensure a successful implementation of your CRM

by David Brochu • 28 September 2017

Only 37% of CRM implementation projects are successful. This is a harsh reality considering all the investment both in time and money a project like this requires. Not to mention that a CRM is an essential tool for the management of your company’s growth. How can you be certain that you will be amongst the […]

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