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Business objects vs business intelligence

Difference between business objects vs business intelligence

by Digitad • 13 September 2022

With the rise of business intelligence (BI) and big data, each function of BI software plays a significant role in gathering and presenting company data analytics and statistics. Defining and using usable business objects (BO) aligned with company goals is key to meeting business needs. So, what is the difference between business objects vs business intelligence? While Business […]

Difference between business intelligence and predictive analytics

Difference between business intelligence and predictive analytics

by Digitad • 13 September 2022

When it comes to handling, sorting, and understanding the data at your disposal, both business intelligence (BI) and predictive analytics provide tools and techniques to enhance productivity and deliver products at the right time. While businesses have been using BI to make better business decisions, predictive analytics has remained less common. Let’s explore the difference between BI and […]

picture of a marketing strategy chart

Why adopt business intelligence in your marketing strategy?

by Digitad • 13 September 2022

Companies know the importance of using marketing initiatives to further their business objectives. However, using incomplete or incorrect data can have the opposite effect. Implementing a good business intelligence marketing strategy allows companies to pull relevant customer insights to drive successful marketing campaigns and make better business decisions. What is business intelligence, and why does it matter? […]

Team meeting for a CRM strategy to improve their business

CRM Strategy: How It Can Benefit Your Business

by Digitad • 13 September 2022

CRM, or customer relationship management, involves managing and improving customer interaction. It helps you shift from the old buyer-seller model emphasizing transactions to a more customer-centric model. As such, it’s essential to create a strategy that will let you achieve the best results. What Is a CRM Strategy? A customer relationship management strategy aims to improve customer […]

Damien Simon, collector

by Patricia Rivas • 16 May 2022

Damien Simon is guided by his curiosity. Driven by adventure, he crossed the Atlantic to join our Montreal team in 2020. But this long-time collector always keeps his camera close by. In this interview, we will discover a pragmatic and perfectionist researcher, as well as some of his most beautiful pictures.   For Damien Simon, […]

Mission Transformation : Alexandre Joussier

by Patricia Rivas • 11 May 2022

In this interview, XRM Vision’s motivated and resourceful business analyst shares his story about working with a leading software company in the transportation and postal services sector. Check out this interview for Mission Transformation with Alexandre Joussier.   Mission Transformation: the power of the business analyst For over three years, Alexandre Joussier has built and […]

Mission Transformation Clélia Berguig - XRM Vision

Clélia Berguig : Mission Transformation

by Patricia Rivas • 7 April 2022

Modernizing local businesses? That’s been Clélia Berguig‘s mission for over two years. In this Mission Transformation interview, Clélia tells us about a landmark project that she was proud to be part of. Mission Transformation : The power of a functional architect Along with her XRM Vision colleagues, Clélia Berguig develops and implements business solutions for […]

Julien Miquel : Mission Transformation

by Patricia Rivas • 7 February 2022

Transforming the daily lives of customers. This has been our expert Julien Miquel’s mission for more than 3 years as part of his work in our team. In this interview from the Mission Transformation series, this functional architect (and Business Apps MVP) talks about a project that he had an impact on within a pharmaceutical […]

XRM Vision and TDT: Expanded Microsoft offering across Canada

by Patricia Rivas • 9 November 2021

XRM Vision and The Digital Task (TDT) are pleased to announce that they are joining forces, making them the largest independent Dynamics 365 (CE) partner in the country. The two companies, based in Quebec and British Columbia respectively, are leveraging their complementary specializations in various Microsoft technologies. With a joint team of 80 Dynamics 365, […]

Dominique Roger: Mission Transformation

by Patricia Rivas • 14 October 2021

Innovation for a positive impact on people? Our expert Dominique Roger has been doing just that for over six years. In this interview, this functional architect describres how a pet project made a meaningful difference. Here is a portrait of her Mission Transformation.   Dominique Roger has assisted in modernizing organizations in diverse business sectors. […]

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