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Notice of appointment: 4 technical analysts have joined our team

by Patricia Rivas • 3 August 2019

XRM Vision has enjoyed a booming growth since the fall! In fact, our tribe of experts has almost doubled in recent months across several departments. We have welcomed 4 new technical analysts. Let us introduce them to you right away! Here are Jean-François Fortin, Nicolas Bastien, Alexandre Nanoglou and Myriam Le Jour: Jean-François Fortin  Jean-François […]

Notice of appointment: 5 new business analysts have joined our team

by Patricia Rivas • 2 August 2019

Since the fall, the XRM Vision team has been growing visibly! About fifteen new talents have joined our tribe of experts in recent months. As for business analysts, we had the pleasure of welcoming 5 new faces.   Without further ado, we are pleased to introduce:   Olivier Pinette  Even before graduating from university, this McGill University […]

18 moments from the 2019 XRM Vision Experience that no one will ever forget

by Patricia Rivas • 10 May 2019

  For the second consecutive year, the XRM Vision team has come together for a unique experience. It is amidst the mountainous landscapes of the Eastern Townships, at the Centre de Villégiature Jouvence, that our tribe of experts got together from February 20 to 22. Here are 18 magical moments of this adventure that we […]

The incredible adventure of Charlotte M Debunne

The incredible adventure of Charlotte M. Debunne

by Patricia Rivas • 7 May 2019

  Charlotte M. Debunne is not afraid of challenges. Our Director of Employee Success is embarking on a challenging cross-country skiing trip across Greenland. She will be skiing on her own for nearly 3 weeks, she will be hauling her own luggage across this huge island which floats between the Artic and the Atlantic, it […]

Why pursue a career in technology? The perspectives of our 11 female experts

by Patricia Rivas • 11 April 2019

Women only represent 20% of the team when it comes to the field of information technology. However, this field offers many career opportunities that go beyond developer positions. To highlight International Women’s Rights Day, we have asked 11 of our women experts each with their own unique background, to explain to us what it is […]

XRM Vision has been selected for the Parcours innovation PME Montréal

by Patricia Rivas • 2 February 2019

We are proud to have been selected to participate in the 2019 edition of the Parcours innovation PME Montréal.  Every year, this unique event brings together 40 Montreal entrepreneurs who demonstrate a strong potential for growth. This gathering is aimed at innovative SMEs that are seeking new business solutions and who wish to find support concerning a specific issue.   Our current growth may be limited to the number of […]

Notice of appointment - Valérie Durand joins the XRM Vision team as Product Owner

Notice of appointment – Valérie Durand joins the XRM Vision team as Product Owner

by Patricia Rivas • 17 January 2019

The XRM Vision team is expanding once again! We are pleased to announce the appointment of Valérie Durand as Product Owner.  In her new role, Valérie Durand will be responsible for implementing a product development strategy based on a long-term vision. She will lead several projects simultaneously: from the initial idea to the marketing of new products, as well […]

A big party for the 10 year anniversary of XRM Vision

XRM Vision celebrated its 10th birthday: The 5 highlights of the evening

by Patricia Rivas • 7 January 2019

Last evening, XRM Vision celebrated its 10th anniversary! The progress we have made since 2008 is impressive. Partners, collaborators, customers and employees all gathered in large numbers in our new offices to celebrate this event. A look at the 5 highlights of the evening:  1- The story of XRM Vision told and illustrated  Upon their […]

Notice of appointment - Francois Lamarche becomes director of finance and administration.doc

Notice of appointment: François Lamarche becomes Director of Finance and Administration

by David Brochu • 4 January 2019

We are pleased to announce the appointment of François Lamarche in the role of Director of Finance and Administration.    In his new role and after having worked with the XRM Vision team  for nearly a year, François will now overlook government and legal affairs, general administration of the company, finance, budget and risk management.  Risk […]

Anne-Claire Oger is joining the XRM Vision team in the role of Employer Brand Ambassador and Recruiter.

by David Brochu • 17 December 2018

The rapid growth of XRM Vision over the last few years makes us happy to announce the nomination of Anne-Claire Oger in the role of Employer Brand Ambassador and Recruiter. In her new role, Anne-Claire will seek out new talents to join our team and promote the XRM Vision brand outside of our company. With full-time […]

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