Growth and transformation

How YMCA improved employee retention and operational performance with our solution

by Patricia Rivas • 27 March 2020

For more than three decades, the YMCAs of Québec has offered a program of compensatory work. Citizens who do not have the means to pay their debts to the Court can benefit from this alternative. This program entails doing work for various organizations thus allowing citizens to reimburse their fine by getting involved in the community.    Through this program, the YMCAs continue to keep their commitment to “inspire and push each person to achieve, […]

Increase revenues, optimize efficiency, and reduce losses with Power Platform and Dynamics 365

by Patricia Rivas • 25 March 2020

Many entrepreneurs underestimate the impact of inefficiency. In an era of increased competition, companies that do not continually optimize their processes risk being outperformed by proactive competitors. In fact, with today’s labour scarcity, increasing process efficiency and limiting losses is often a matter of survival.  Many technologies allow companies to maximize their efficiency and generate more revenue. This article shows you […]

Smash these 4 business problems with Power Apps

by Patricia Rivas • 2 March 2020

Business problems can persist even when investing in a high-performance management system. Your employees are not filling out their time sheets and you are unable to follow in real time the management of a project?  What to do when some of your management solution problems fall into the cracks? Designing an application is often the best […]

Understanding Microsoft Power Apps in 10 questions

by Patricia Rivas • 2 February 2020

We often find ourselves discussing with clients who want to know more about Microsoft Power Apps.  “I have heard of Microsoft Power Apps, but what exactly does it allow me to do? How does it work? Is my company big enough to use this? Is learning how to use it a long process?”  Although it has been […]

App in a Day: How to Create Your Application in One Day Without Writing Code Experience? 

by Patricia Rivas • 24 January 2020

Creating your own business application is now made easier. Several platforms allow you to build an application quickly, even if you do not have any programing experience. However, it can still be tricky to find your way around when you start. Certain tips remain unknown even among professional users.   This is why App in a Day exists:   What is App in a Day?   […]

The Future of Group Insurance Brokers in 2020

by Patricia Rivas • 15 January 2020

E-commerce has never been so popular. In 2021, global online shopping will reach $4.5 trillion USD. And the insurance industry is no exception to this craze, especially since Bill 141 started allowing insurers to sell their products online.  For group insurance brokers, this change could jeopardize the future of their industry. Indeed, customers can now more easily shop for their insurance without […]

The 4 Best Broker Practices in the Era of Online Shopping

by Patricia Rivas • 14 January 2020

What do clients who are shopping for group insurance want? Are insurance brokers listening?   Since the arrival of Bill 141, insurers can sell online. The inevitable result: there’s no longer a need to go through an intermediary. With the future of group insurance brokers compromised, how can you stand out in this industry?  To enhance your value as a broker, here are the […]

Four reasons to talk to a Customer Success Manager to get the most of your technology projects

by Patricia Rivas • 6 December 2019

In 2018, XRM Vision set up a Customer Success Manager (CSM) position, held by Pierre Moreau. The CSM’s key role is to advise clients to increase the success of IT solution implementation with users. But what exactly does a CSM do to help you? How can it be a key player in the success of […]

What Group Insurance Brokers Need to Know to Survive Bill 141

by Patricia Rivas • 28 April 2019

The introduction of Bill 141 is causing a lot of turmoil in the Quebec financial sector. Since its adoption in June 2018, the insurance and financial services industry has been preparing for an unprecedented technological revolution. What will be the impact of Bill 141 on your group insurance brokerage firm? Here’s how your business can […]

5 ways investing in change management will lead your technological projects to success

by David Brochu • 21 December 2018

  You have found the best CRM solution for your company. You have invested tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars on its implementation. But what happens if in the end the users do not use it? Your efforts will have been useless.  This is a reality for many companies:  Only 64% of projects […]

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