Growth and transformation

How Centris improved employee retention and customer satisfaction with our solution 

by Patricia Rivas • 27 April 2020

Over the past decade, there have been many new technologies which have revolutionized our daily lives. Sooner or later, companies will need to modernise themselves in order to stay competitive and satisfy the changing behaviour of consumers. In fact, this is even more true for compagnies offering technological tools.  This reality rang true for Centris, who we had the pleasure […]

8 ways to stay productive while working remotely with Microsoft technologies

by Patricia Rivas • 16 April 2020

So far, XRM Vision has not talked much about the COVID-19 pandemic. We do not want to exploit the current critical circumstances from an entrepreneurial perspective. However, technology plays a critical role in supporting the every day work of businesses. Over the last weeks, millions of people have switched to working from home. This was […]

How YMCA improved employee retention and operational performance with our solution

by Patricia Rivas • 27 March 2020

For more than three decades, the YMCAs of Québec have offered a program of compensatory work. Citizens who do not have the means to pay their debts to the Court can benefit from this alternative. This program entails doing work for various organizations thus allowing citizens to reimburse their fine by getting involved in the community.    Through this program, the YMCAs continue to keep their commitment to “inspire and push each person […]

Four reasons to talk to a Customer Success Manager to get the most of your technology projects

by Patricia Rivas • 6 December 2019

In 2018, XRM Vision set up a Customer Success Manager (CSM) position, held by Pierre Moreau. The CSM’s key role is to advise clients to increase the success of IT solution implementation with users. But what exactly does a CSM do to help you? How can it be a key player in the success of […]

Our 5 most popular articles of the year

by Patricia Rivas • 22 January 2019

It is good to look back on the highlights of the past year as 2019 begins. Here is a list of the articles that interested you the most in 2018.  5- 5 Quebec-born companies that achieved a successful digital transformation  If you had to name companies that shine because of their digital strategy, Amazon, Uber […]

6 advocates for a succesful organizational change in a company

6 advocates for a successful organizational change within a large company

by Patricia Rivas • 3 January 2019

Who should you include in your project team to ensure a successful digital transformation? Here are some tips for assembling the right interdisciplinary team to lead your transition.   Change is an emotional thing. This can be proven by most New Year’s resolutions which are quickly given up on. If changing habits on an individual […]

How can you create a sustainable vision of change within your company

How can you create a sustainable vision of change within your company?

by David Brochu • 3 January 2019

Is your organization planning on implementing a new CRM solution? Have you clarified your vision for the change? When your employees understand the purpose of the project, they are more likely to embrace it. Here’s how to solidify your vision so your team supports the change.   One of the first steps in having an […]

The 9 best change management practices

by David Brochu • 2 January 2019

How do you maximize the user adoption of your CRM solution? What are the best ways of getting your teams together? Here are the 9 best change management practices that will lead your technological projects to success. With rapid growth of technologies, companies have no choice but to adapt themselves to the new demands and […]

Change management : 5 reasons to invest from the start

by David Brochu • 21 December 2018

A lot of technological projects end up failing. This is either because they have been stopped before being finished or they have been implemented but never used. How do you ensure a better adoption of CRM? The key is to invest in change management from the beginning of the project. Here are 5 ways investing […]

How to measure the pertinent results with BI

How to measure the pertinent results with BI

by David Brochu • 12 September 2018

What does a manager want to know when reading the submitted company report? In most cases, the main question will be “Is everything okay?” This question, however, cannot always be answered. Many companies do not have the tools required to measure the pertinent results. This makes it impossible to know if a company is thriving […]

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