Power Platform

Microsoft Power Apps: Top 4 business problems you’ll smash

by Patricia Rivas • 2 March 2020

Your employees are not filling out their time sheets and you are unable to follow in real time the management of a project? What to do when some of your management solution problems fall into the cracks? Designing an application is often the best solution to solving these irritating problems.   Business problems can persist even when […]

Understanding Microsoft Power Apps in 10 questions

by Patricia Rivas • 2 February 2020

We often find ourselves discussing with clients who want to know more about Microsoft Power Apps.  “I have heard of Microsoft Power Apps, but what exactly does it allow me to do? How does it work? Is my company big enough to use this? Is learning how to use it a long process?”  Although it has been […]

App in a Day: How to Create Your Application in One Day Without Writing Code Experience? 

by Patricia Rivas • 24 January 2020

Creating your own business application is now made easier. Several platforms allow you to build an application quickly, even if you do not have any programing experience. However, it can still be tricky to find your way around when you start. Certain tips remain unknown even among professional users.   This is why App in a Day exists:   What is App in a Day?   […]

Using Flow as a workflow scheduler in Microsoft Power Platform

by Patricia Rivas • 3 June 2019

  One requirement that is repeatedly being asked for by customers in Power Platform projects is the ability to schedule a workflow on a collection of record. For example: I want to run a daily (classic) workflow on every active contact at midnight. Unfortunately, there is no out-of-the-box way of implementing this requirement inside Microsoft […]

Embedded Canvas App – A different approach to n:n (related) association

by Patricia Rivas • 29 May 2019

The following article was written by Éric Sauvé, CRM architect at XRM Vision. It was orginally published as a LinkedIn article. Want to ease the process of associating items in a many-to-many relationship in your model-driven app? Here’s a way to take leverage of the embedded canvas app feature (currently in Public Preview) to make […]

How to edit a series of photos using Canvas app

How to edit a series of photos using Canvas app

by Patricia Rivas • 18 March 2019

Although Canvas app makes it possible for your company to build its own application, the challenge of making your application easy to use remains. After showing you the best way to allow your users to take pictures in your application, we proceed to showing you the next step; allowing your users to make changes in […]

The best way to take pictures for your business application using Canvas app

The best way to take pictures for your business application using Canvas app

by Patricia Rivas • 20 February 2019

  Many businesses have made it their 2019 resolution to create their own business applications using Canvas app. Following our last article on this topic, one of our readers has asked us how to enable users to take pictures in an application created by Canvas App. What makes this question interesting, is the fact that […]

4 steps that will optimize the design of your business application in PowerApps all the while maximizing its impact

4 steps that will optimize the design of your business application in PowerApps all the while maximizing its impact.

by Patricia Rivas • 18 February 2019

In the past, applications were designed based on business requirements, which were then converted into data models, from which data-entry forms were created for users. The arrival of Canvas apps in PowerApps has made creating and tailoring applications to meet user needs easier than ever before. Modern day users have higher expectations of efficiency. They […]

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