In less than a year, our team has almost doubled in size. About twenty new faces have joined our tribe of experts in various departments. Today we present Yahia Tarikt, Julien Miquel and Vincent Cloutier-Boucher.   

Their common ground? All of these 3 solution architects have since the fall joined our team! The following characteristics are what distinguishes each of them: 

Yahia Tarikt

Project Manager, Release Manager and Solution Architect, Yahia Tarikt has over 17 years of experience in Business Intelligence, Master Data Management and SOA services.  Yahia holds two master’s degree in Science (Information Technology and Administration) and is himself a great teacher. Mentor of the next generation in BI, he has coached hundreds of individuals through professional training as well as at the University of Sherbrooke, where he taught for 8 years. In his spare time, this 4-season sportsman alternates between swimming, running, cycling and off-trail cross-country skiing. No weather conditions whether it be snow or rain can get in the way of his favourite pastime which is playing outside with his children. 

Julien Miquel 

This is not the first prestigious international award for Julien Miquel He was awarded the title of Most Valuable Professionals (MVP) by Microsoft for two consecutive years. This award, which is reserved for the most avid enthusiasts, acknowledges his ongoing commitment to sharing his technical expertise in the Microsoft world. Three years after graduating in Computer Science, Julien created a blog dedicated to Dynamics 365. But Julien is also passionate about tennis, skiing, running, video games and outings with friends. He dreams of helping people reduce their workload so they can focus on what they love most. This is also how he sees his role as a CRM consultant, a role that he has been practicing for almost 8 years!  

Julien Miquel at the MVP Global Summit this winter at Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, Washington. 

Julien Miquel at the MVP Global Summit this winter at Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, Washington.

Vincent Cloutier-Boucher  

Vincent Cloutier-Boucher, a graduate in software engineering, has more than 15 years of experience in the development of Microsoft enterprise solutions. Passionate about IT projects from all angles, he has played various roles throughout his career. Thus, Vincent has been an application architect, solution architect, IT director, project manager, product owner, scrum master and developer. Like his curiosity about the different facets of computing, Vincent is also an avid globetrotter. One of his biggest dreams is to own a catamaran in order to sail around the world.  


Now that you know a little more about our three new solution architects. Please join us in wishing them the very best in their new roles!  

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