Business intelligence

Representation of Business Intelligence Tools

What Are Business Intelligence Tools?

by Digitad • 31 May 2022

Now, more than ever, businesses are collecting vast amounts of business data. This data is used to better understand what is happening inside and outside the organization. Yet, collecting and analyzing unstructured data can be complicated and prevent companies from making the best business decisions. Business intelligence tools (BI tools) help managers and decision-makers make informed decisions and achieve business […]

Best practices in business intelligence and data warehousing

Business intelligence and data warehousing best practices

by Patricia Rivas • 31 May 2022

Best practices in business intelligence and data warehousing Business intelligence (BI) and data warehousing practices are strategically used to help companies bring their business objectives to the next level. With the advancement of technology, organizations have discovered cost-savings benefits and increased productivity by implementing BI. BI platforms allow companies to access data analytics of their business users and […]

How to improve the adoption of your CRM

4 ways BI can improve the adoption of your CRM

by David Brochu • 22 October 2018

Imagine having the best CRM ever, one that allows you to accurately assess and predict your performances. This creates an almost perfect scenario, because unless it is founded on a plan for user adoption, this perfect CRM will never achieve the expected results. Above all technologies, lies people. Even the best CRM requires a big […]

How to measure the pertinent results with BI

How to measure the pertinent results with BI

by David Brochu • 12 September 2018

What does a manager want to know when reading the submitted company report? In most cases, the main question will be “Is everything okay?” This question, however, cannot always be answered. Many companies do not have the tools required to measure the pertinent results. This makes it impossible to know if a company is thriving […]

3 simple ways using BI can change the customer experience 

by David Brochu • 1 September 2018

The quality of the customer experience is crucial in gaining the loyalty of your clients. However, many companies do not optimize their customer experience. According to a Forrester study made in 2015, nearly 40% of companies believe that improving their customer experience is one of the biggest CRM issues they face. A bad customer service does not have […]

How to use business intelligence to make decisions that are based on facts

by David Brochu • 16 August 2018

Since the important information is not always accessible when crucial decisions need to be made, many managers must resort to using their instinct. Having access to quality data helps make better decisions. Paired up with artificial intelligence, business intelligence will even allow you to choose the best candidates by reducing biases. Of course, the nifty […]

Using business intelligence to acquire a single version of the truth

Using business intelligence to acquire a single version of the truth

by David Brochu • 14 August 2018

In 2015, a Forrester survey asked the following question; “What are the biggest obstacles encountered by your company when wanting to improve your customer management skills?” This survey was answered by 251 professionals working on a CRM project over a period of 3 years. And among the various CRM obstacles mentioned in the response choices, […]

Top 5 CRM obstacles that can be solved using business intelligence

by Patricia Rivas • 27 July 2018

A good CRM solution is meant to help your company surpass itself. From improving customer experience to gaining greater profits, the benefits no longer need to be proven. However, 30% to 50% of companies still do not achieve the expected results using their CRM system.  What is it that could be preventing your company from […]

What is business intelligence ?

by Patricia Rivas • 25 July 2018
What is business intelligence? Decision support system, BI, business intelligence are among the many synonyms that are used when discussing business intelligence. The large amount of accurate data that has become more accessible, allows business intelligence to go further. But what is it exactly? And how can it help you? What exactly is business intelligence? [...]

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