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XRM Vision and the Bonneville 808 challenge

XRM Vision and the Bonneville 808 challenge

by David Brochu • 21 August 2018

At XRM Vision, we believe in the importance of adopting healthy lifestyle habits and surpassing yourself. That is why our president Felix Robitaille, will be participating in a great physical challenge for a good cause. He will support our Quebec athletes by taking up the Bonneville 808 challenge! A wonderful challenge Have you heard of […]

Full employment in Quebec: The recruitment strategies used by XRM Vision to address the shortage of skilled labour

by Patricia Rivas • 11 June 2018

The job market is booming in Quebec. With unemployment being only at 6%, this province is seeing its lowest rate in decades. While in 2010, the percentage of unemployed Quebecers was 8%, it dropped to 6% in 2017 and to 5.6% in 2018! For the first time in 30 years: Can we discuss full employment; […]

12 ways to create a culture of innovation in your company

by Patricia Rivas • 31 May 2018

Innovation plays an essential role in the success of your company. With the accelerated evolution of digital technologies, companies must be creative and flexible if they want to meet the expectations of their clients. Nice concept, right? But the reality is that transforming your company into an innovation lab is not such an easy feat.  […]

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