Hello Everyone,

In October 2006, I started blogging on a personal level. At the time, I was involved in an international cooperation project based in Sri Lanka. My friend Sylvain Tremblay said: “Felix, you should write a blog in order to share your experience with us.”

Having quickly put the technological component into place, I was delighted to have a setting that stimulated my writing sense immensely. This enabled me to share my experiences with those surrounding me back home. My blogs included a variety of topics such as facts summarizing each step of the international cooperation project; other topics were based on my thoughts reflecting my own personal living experiences.

This style of writing, defined as a blog, is a way of sharing, while at the same time recording our life events. Preparing for this article led me to read what I had written seven years ago, bringing back a lot of memories. I take great pleasure in reading my first impressions of Sri Lanka. It was a very intense moment, which I am happy to have put down in writing.

After my trip, I got caught up in everyday life, taking me away from writing. Until another life event in 2010 led me to start using my blog again in order to share a new adventure that had just begun. Once again, reading over certain articles brought back recollections of specific circumstances; for instance, that particular day when I would have loved for my mom to come and me pick up.

As time goes by, we live through experiences each affecting us in different ways, each gradually loosening their hold on us. It is interesting to see how capable we are of adapting ourselves to different situations, even the most difficult ones.

The purpose of the above introduction, is to present you with another blog project. On a professional level, my company XRM Vision is launching its brand new blog today. We are looking to share the important moments of our organization with you as well as our passion for customer relationship management (CRM). In the same manner as the personal level, this professional blog will allow us to record our own evolution as well as the technological world in which we are evolving. I look forward to reading about this evolution in five to ten years from now!

In closing, I would like to leave you with the following question…

Do you believe that social media will cause blogs to become obsolete?

XRM Vision Blog Launch