XRM is expanding! We are proud to introduce François Lamarche who will be joining our team as a support to our CEO in various administrative goals.  Our goal is to continue to improve our way of doing things all the while proactively managing our business risks.

Determined and driven by exceptional ambition, François has managed to ensure the financial stability and growth of Human Equation  in an industry that is constantly moving. Consolidating the activities of four complementary companies, has earned François the reputation of being a meticulous and visionary manager in the marketing and communications industry.  He spent five years overseeing the operations and implementation of sustainable business strategies and policies for Human Equation.

His diverse experiences have allowed François to become versatile. In addition to having worked in the field of communication agencies, he has also been involved in the board of La Maison Tangente and  spent twelve years as a paramedic at Urgence-Santé.

We are happy to have him as part of our team!