Case study

XRM Vision’s expertise and solution helps Quebec’s largest real estate industry website and services company increase employee satisfaction and elevate customer service.

XRM enables real estate software provider to offer new modern could solutions to clients and increase productivity, efficiency and collaboration, resulting in the delivery of more customer value and improved customer satisfaction.

Client name

Real Estate Technology

Montreal, Quebec

Activités et services de Centris

Design and integrate technology solutions for real estate professionals

Consolidate and disseminate real estate data on behalf of all the real estate brokers

Manage Centris data, a 24-hour real estate transaction management system that generates approximately $28 billion in sales annually

Handle more than 6,000 calls per month through the Centris Help Desk, meeting the needs of thousands of people 365 days a year


Centris is a technology company dedicated to offering leading edge software for the Real Estate industry. It offers more than 20 different specialized applications and services for 13,000 real estate brokers covering 100% of the organized real estate in Quebec. It recently expanded the services to other Canadian markets (in British Columbia), and it is looking to continue the expansion internationally. Their site, has the largest number of properties for sale in Quebec, over 77,000 listings, and a full range of tools, including managing and signing documents electronically, performing specific searches with advanced filters, and creating market analysis reports.


  • 10-year old, obsolete systems made for clunky data transfer and management resulting in frequent errors.
  • A lack of data visibility and flow between systems hindered access to critical information causing frustration for brokers.
  • Responsiveness to callbacks and reporting became insufficient for growing needs, which created stress among staff.
  • An old system with operational risks and compromised data caused management and IT staff concern.
  • Excessive manual work to operate the systems was tedious and time consuming.

Reliable data is critical

Quality data is important to Centris. Entry and modifying member data required redundant manual processes, and data reliability was at risk. From an administrative standpoint, employees were tasked with tedious and time-consuming work.

Centris was faced with a significant infrastructure investment that could host their data, run their websites and core applications, and give them a 360-degree view of their operations.

There was a lack of visibility between our call centre staff and member services agents. For both our team and our customers, some essential information, like price, was missing. We found operational risks were increasing exponentially

– Cezar Nasui, Manager of IT Operations and Special Projects.

Top Objectives

Migrate from CRM 3.0 to Microsoft Dynamics 365 and integrate with Azure

Customize the application structure to adapt to Centris’ expanded service offerings

Speed up and modernize invoicing

Create a self-service portal for brokers to increase client control

Connect the CRM to all Centris service offerings and functionalities

Significantly Increase productivity and collaboration among employees


Centris was looking for a dynamic partner to bring expert CRM and CSM knowledge at a critical time in the company’s growth. That partner had to understand the business operations and goals, respect timing, and ensure a smooth transition.
The initial process involved assessing and shortlisting more than 20 different CRM solutions. XRM helped Centris migrate to a centralized cloud-based solution and modernize with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM – on time and on budget.


Having begun its digital transformation in 2017, the business of Centris is now modernized and integrating seamlessly with the Dynamics 365 solution. Dynamics 365 CRM Online and NAV are in charge of operations, including marketing, finance and the call centre management.

Before implementing Microsoft Dynamics, we couldn’t transfer case data or see the history from one department to the other. Now that’s possible and it’s easier and faster to get the job done.

– Cezar Nasui

A tailor-made solution created by XRM Vision

XRM Vision was able to achieve key goals and maximize the full potential of the Dynamics CRM for all the business operations of Centris.

Every day, up to 60 employees connect to the CRM to answer requests and hundreds of broker member calls. It’s impressive how much time we’re saving. Now we can really focus on meeting the client needs

– Cezar Nasui, Manager of IT Operations and Special Projects

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