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For 30 years, the YMCA of Quebec’s Compensatory Work Program has humanized the collection of fines by offering vulnerable and marginalized citizens the ability to pay unaffordable fines through doing compensatory work for community non-profit organizations throughout the city.

This Program empowers enrolled YMCA clientele, ensures that imposed fines are recovered, upholds Quebec laws, prevents incarceration of the needy, promotes social change, benefits non-profits, and saves justice administration.

Challenges and Objectives

YMCA of Quebec’s Director of Community Initiatives, Art Campbell, approached XRM Vision with the challenge of creating a secure and integrated web portal uniquely designed to streamline the processes of the Compensatory Work Program.

The Program tracks over 8,000 files annually, connecting YMCA clientele with job opportunities through host organizations to ensure that debts are paid off.

XRM Vision was selected to radically change the YMCA’s Compensatory Work Program, to address processing inefficiencies, reduce administrative costs and employee turnover, and grow partnerships.

Prior to XRM’s management system, the YMCA administered their program through a combination of tools including paper, Microsoft Access and Excel. This multi-layered approach was inefficient and complex.

Employees were continually re-validating data, which led to significant employee frustration and a high employee turnover. This also placed host partnerships at risk.

Key Pain Points

  • Program inefficiencies, errors, delays, and costs
  • Inadequate customer service to participants causing anxiety
  • High employee frustration and turnover
  • No transparency on placement opportunities
  • Limited ability to meet host organizations’ needs

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Despite trying to optimize processes, and everybody doing their best, our previous system hindered our productivity and ability to meet the needs of our clients, day to day.

– Art Campbell, Director of Community Initiatives, YMCA of Quebec.


XRM Vision rigorously analyzed the business objectives, processes and functional requirements of the organization and the program itself. XRM designed the solution, so it could easily meet the goals of three customers: the YMCA Quebec staff, the program participants, and the host organizations. The new system had to be highly secure, yet accessible, triaging crucial data between YMCA employees and the host partners. It had to be an integrated solution that was secure, intuitive, and responsive in organizing the multi-layered approach of connecting participants with placements.

XRM identified the critical business goals and impacts, which included improved staff training and retention, visibility into participant progress, and improving customer service delivery for participants and host organizations.

The system’s visual real-time dashboard now manages participants’ timesheets, calculates completed work hours, and automates the communication of participant-partner updates and progress reports through email and text messaging.

Once we exposed our challenges, XRM quickly came back with a high-level demonstration from a process standpoint. They were able to articulate how they saw us being supported, and they respected the scope and budget. We feel like we have a real partner in them. Never in my career have I spoken so highly of a solution as the one that we have now. This is going to be a life-changer for our program.

– Art Campbell, – Art Campbell, Director of Community Initiatives, YMCA of Quebec.


XRM Vision revolutionized the way the Compensatory Work Program operates for YMCA employees, host partners, and participants.

The new solution reduces participants’ stress and anxiety by ensuring faster placement and debt repayment, while matching skill sets to better meet the needs of the host organizations.

The new solution reduces administrative error and improves job placement, while helping partners easily supply the information needed to run the program successfully.

A curated dashboard based on the three key employee profiles and workflows draws attention to daily tasks, pushes out reminders, and moves files to the next level. The new solution provides employees with a strong sense of contribution and decreases frustration and turnover.

XRM Vision was able to achieve the key goals and accelerate metrics in the implementation of the new solution.

Critical information is easily compiled and accessed

Increased placement for participants

Employee turnover reduced by 50%

80% improved performance for partnership

Information is secure and reliable – no more manual functions or tedious redundancies

No longer dependent on external programming for maintenance

Administration costs reduced by 25%

Placement wait time reduced from 14 weeks to 8 weeks

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