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A CRM expert is someone who works with businesses to help them structure and/or implement their CRM – Customer Relationship Management – strategy. The Customer Relationship expert can intervene in the following areas within the framework of a CRM project:

  • The mapping of targeted client routes
  • The development of a relationship plan, which establishes all of the programs and relationship scenarios to be implemented in order to achieve the company’s CRM objectives.
  • Implementation of a reporting system to guide and stimulate CRM performance.
  • The formulation of the company’s goals, needs, and expectations in terms of customer relations.
  • The restoration of existing client paths and the identification of truthful moments in client relationships
  • The selection of CRM tools, followed by the creation of a charge sheet and the implementation of the tools within the organization.
  • Personnel training in CRM activities and tools. The CRM expert assists with the development of internal teams’ skills.

About XRM Vision & Our Team

XRM Vision brings together several of the best experts in CRM solutions who share a common goal: implement human-scale CRM solutions that can be adapted to the financial, technical and industry-specific realities faced by each of our customers.

Our proven CRM implementation methodology, the keen interest of our CRM consultants and our commitment to ensure each project delivers tangible results, make us an ideal partner when it comes to the growth of your business.

The XRM philosophy: Promoting customer relations beyond technology

We improve the value of the experience you provide to your partners and customers.

As powerful as they may be, we consider technologies, business intelligence and data to be means of maximizing your potential. However, we can only create a real impact when we understand the reality of our customers and succeed in adapting the tools we have at our disposal. Not the other way around.

Introducing the team

For more than 10 years, XRM Vision has successfully brought together many of the best experts in CRM solutions. One goal brings them together: pushing the limits of their creativity every day by learning from each of our clients. We are developing new ways to use technologies that will allow them to achieve their business objectives.Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information! 

Cindy Honoré - directrice marketing
Marketing Director
Cindy Honoré
Stéphane Trépanier - Architecte TI
IT Architect
Stéphane Trépanier
Damien Simon - Analyste technique
Technical Analyst -Dynamics 365
Damien Simon
Chantale Simard - Gestionnaire de projets
Project Manager
Chantale Simard
Naima Hammal - Analyste d'affaires
Business Analyst
Naima Hammal
Zaineb Sandid - Analyste d'affaires
Business Analyst
Zaineb Sandid
Jean-François Sawyer
Business Analyst
Jean-François Sawyer
Evelyne Morin - DRH
HR Director
Evelyne Morin
Abdelhadi Miyara - Spécialiste en déploiement de solutions
Solution Deployment Specialist
Abdelhadi Miyara
Julien Miquel - Architecte fonctionnnel
Functional Architect
Julien Miquel
Frederic Manseau -
Vice President - Finance and Administration
Frederic Manseau
Adel Mabrouk - VP Services TI Gérés
Vice President, Managed Services
Adel Mabrouk
Gabriel Lescure - technicien comptable
Accounting Consultant
Gabriel Lescure
Jihane Larioui - Consultante BI
BI Consultant
Jihane Larioui
Doha Laghrari -chef de projets
Project Manager
Doha Laghrari
Walter Hernandez- Analyste d'affaires
Business Analyst
Walter Hernandez
Adil Haddaji
Internal IT Support Manager
Adil Haddaji
Jean-François Fortin - Analyste technique
Technical Analyst -Dynamics 365
Jean-François Fortin
Akram Farrat
Technical Analyst
Akram Farrat
Abdelilah Fadl-Allah - Analyste technique
Technical Analyst -Dynamics 365
Abdelilah Fadl-Allah
Widad El Ouataoui
Business Analyst
Widad El Ouataoui
Dina Michelle Dussault - Directrice de comptes
Account Manager
Dina Michelle Dussault
Philippe Dufag - Architecte fonctionnel
IT Architect
Philippe Dufag
Sarah Deschênes - Analyste fonctionnel
Functional Architect
Sarah Deschênes
Antoine Cantons - Analyste fonctionnel
Functional Analyst
Antoine Cantons
Salma Boueddine - Analyste technique
Technical Analyst
Salma Boueddine
Outman Bourchich analyste d'affaires
Business Analyst
Outman Bourchich
Clelia Berguig - Architecte fonctionnel
Functional Architect
Clélia Berguig
Nicolas Bastien analyste technique XRM Vision
Technical Analayst -Dynamics 365
Nicolas Bastien
CRM Consultant
Abdoul Baldé
VP Strategy & Marketing
David Brochu
Senior architect
Éric Sauvé
Senior architect
Kim Mac Dermott
Senior architect
Jean Lefrançois
Jean-François Lortie
Martin Vigeant
Félix Robitaille
Technical Analyst -Dynamics 365
Louis-Pierre Gaudreau
Project Manager
Maude Gautier
Business Analyst
Alexandre Joussier
Technical Analyst -Dynamics 365
Simon L’Esperance
Customer Success Director
Alain Moreau
Marketing Consultant
Patricia Rivas
Business Analyst
Dominique Roger

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