CRM case management: a CRM solution for call center

XRM Vision offers solutions that manage and plan your service levels according to different cases and external events that may affect your operations. Our systems trigger a response process that anticipates potential impacts and adapts the allocation of your resources and communications as the situation changes.

CRM case management : Respond to external events by managing your service levels

We cannot control events that can impact your company. But we can help you identify them so you can anticipate your answer (Service Level Agreement or SLA), allowing you to respond in a structured and efficient manner.

When a case is triggered (e.g. product recall), your CRM solution for call center will react by assigning resources to manage the situation. It also launches a series of external and internal communications to ensure that the information is coherently transmitted to each person involved without delay. Such a solution eliminates improvisation, keeps you in control of the situation and allows continued improvement of the model.

CRM case management : A predictive model that responds in real time

A predictive and preventive case management model considers all possible outcomes of resource reallocation in response to unforeseen events. As the case is being managed, the model eliminates certain risks to limit the possible outcomes of your actions. This minimises the potential risks associated with a specific case and ensures that no resources are unnecessarily monopolized.


Building a case management system while optimizing the potential of your CRM solution

The knowledge base stored in your CRM system allows you to efficiently manage each case that can affect the operational flow of your business. You stay in complete control of each situation and minimise their impact on your operations and on customer satisfaction. If you’re looking to create a roadmap for your customers that will define their experience, check out our CRM solution designed for the customer journey.

Plan rather than react 

It is crucial to plan your reaction to a situation before it occurs. We can then leverage all the information stored in your CRM system and the key expertise of your teams to develop complete solutions to different types of problems encountered by your customers.

This planning allows you to anticipate the possible consequences of an external event to ensure that each possible outcome is handled. Once a case management is initiated, each resource is fully managed, limits unnecessary efforts and ensures maximum positive impact.

Plan for the evolution of each situation

Decision-making and predictive algorithms provided by a CRM allow the creation of a chain of events and the evaluation of their probability. As your initiatives are carried out, some outcomes are discarded, enabling better prediction of situation progress and resource distribution.

This predictive model makes you fully aware of the potential risks and ensures that you make informed decisions throughout the process. The CRM application will also pinpoint the tasks linked to each case management scenario in order to trigger them according to your service levels. These answers will be defined by your team ahead of time and modelled in your Dynamics 365 applications.

Make sure your information is communicated reliably and consistently

Your CRM has powerful communication tools that, linked to a case management engine, support their processing. An incident will activate a series of communications that will be relayed to your internal stakeholders and customers alike to advise them of the situation or of the necessary actions. The automation of communications will ensure their consistency and the order in which they are received by each person in the chain reaction.

In order to reduce the risk associated with assigning responsibilities to each person, communications are customized according to their role, but also to the resources in place at the time of the incident.

Learn from each incident for continued improvement

Your CRM application records the outcome of each incident and measures the success of their handling. It also allows you to measure the prevalence of these incidents in order to assess the value of acting upstream to limit their occurrence. When an incident occurs, it is also possible to review the actions and impacts of a past case to ensure that the best decisions are repeated, and previous mistakes are avoided.

These insights improve the reaction processes of your business and provide you with a valuable knowledge base.

Unlock the full potential of your CRM solution

Relying on your CRM system to support your case management ensures its seamless integration with your day-to-day operations. At the same time, you optimize the potential of communication, assisted decision-making and traceability engines that such a system offers.


Analyze the management of each case to better understand their causes, impacts and recurrence. This analysis will allow you to gain efficiency by learning from solved situations.


Your CRM can connect to all your communication tools, which enables you to retrieve past interactions with your clients.


Monitor risk evolution related to the case, resource use, and actual and potential impacts on your current activities.

Business Intelligence

The Dynamics 365 prediction engine allows you to create and analyze chains of events in real time in order to more accurately predict their outcomes and maximize the contribution of resources invested in each case management.

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