Client journey CRM: Create a client roadmap that will define their experience

Following your customer journey will allow you to understand the progress of your potential clients and anticipate their trajectory at each step … until you reach the step where the client makes a positive decision about your products and services.

Understand what motivates your clients to move forward at each step up until the step of purchasing

Understand what motivates your clients with our client journey CRM

A user journey unravels the story of the complete experience your customer has gone through. It explains how and why they interact and commit to your brand, products, partners and your team. This development tool which has been designed by our CRM experts at XRM Vision will allow you to define the experience you would like to give your clients, by reshaping it to match the emotions you would like them to feel.

Get an overview of your client journey through your points of contact

The customer journey is an illustrated diagram that represents the multiple steps customers take throughout their interactions with you. It is used to demonstrate how the customer-company relationship is articulated through different touch points at each stage of the process. The goal is to identify who your buyers are and then measure and track their overall experience.

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Optimize each of your client interactions by understanding the journey of your clients

Knowing how your customers think, act and feel at every moment of their journey, will allow you to shape their experience to better meet their needs. This will enable you to use all of your technological tools to create an optimal customer experience. Do you need help to optimize the benefits of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform ?  Discover now our managed services for Office 365!

Maximize the potential of your points of contact

The most important aspect of a customer journey is the entirety of your points of contact. It is these different situations in which you interact with your customers that determine their overall perception of your company. When your points of contact are used to their full potential, they can become the foundation for holistic and sustainable initiatives.

Build your digital transformation on a thorough and comprehensive assessment of your communication processes

To begin, our team will work with you to create different personas, each reflecting the profile of a typical client doing business with your company. We then pinpoint the customer journey for each of these profiles by analyzing different influential factors:

  • The different stages of the customer (the typical moments that a customer will experience through his customer journey)
  • Your points of contact
  • Thoughts and emotions, you want to trigger in your customers.
  • Your opportunities (where they really are)
  • Your business processes
  • Your technological tools

Share information about your customer journey both internally and externally

Improve the coherence between the various players and teams, by clearly defining your customer journey. It is crucial to adapt your communication strategies to the state of mind of the client through each step of their journey. Reshaping your customer journey provides an illustrated and easy-to-read diagram for all your employees. This tool allows you to easily communicate objectives to them to optimize the experience of your customers.

Unlock the full potential of your CRM solution


Track and assess the progress of each of your customers in real time through the created customer path.


Connect to all of your communication tools via your CRM solution. Use past interactions with your prospects to track their history. You will continue to define your customer journey as it grows over time.


Your CRM solutions allow you to identify the trends of customer responses triggered by your interaction. Review your communication strategies and adapt your customer journey to optimize your customer commitment. The power BI tool enables our team to generate powerful reports that allow you to readjust your customer journey as your customers change.

Business intelligence

Define the experience you would like to offer to your clients and automate some of your interactions in your CRM solution. This will allow you to quickly respond to the needs of your clients through the different steps of their journey over time.

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