CRM solution for customer services management

Our Customer Service Management (CSM) applications integrate this essential activity into the operations of your company. Your customer service team will be able to support your sales and proactively increase customer satisfaction without affecting the productivity and efficiency of your operations.

Integration of customer service into your CRM

Beyond responding to the concerns of your customers, customer service is an essential activity that can generate new sales by up selling and cross-selling. It allows you to identify development or optimization opportunities and maintain an ongoing relationship with your customers. By integrating customer service into your CRM, we enable all of your business units to benefit from the information gathered by your CRM. We also integrate service requests into your regular activities so that they do not affect the productivity of your company.

Automated answers

The Dynamics 365 workflow management system allows you to create different operational approaches to be used according to the type of service call received. These workflows define the degree of flexibility offered by each customer service employee and automate approval requests. It is also possible to adjust the flexibility of your staff according to each customer profile, purchase volumes or loyalty.

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An intelligent CRM solution which transforms customer service into a profit centre

Dynamics 365 provides an intelligent solution for process management and assignment of customer service resources. Rather than just being problem solvers, your customer service agents become main players in ensuring the growth of your sales and customer satisfaction.

Strengthen client relations with each opportunity

Your manager can directly access your conversations history for each contact that is made with a specific customer. Instead of making the customer repeat you can ensure that the discussion moves in the intended direction. It is also possible to set up a dispatching platform that will ensure the customer always speak with the same agent when available.
In addition, the feedback that is gathered at customer service is integrated into the sales and production management applications. These departments benefit from a large amount of information that is supplied directly by your customers resulting in a performance increase.

Define the role and responsibility of each agent

Depending on their seniority, their tasks and role in the team, each customer service agent can be given specific decision-making authority when processing the requests of your customers. In addition, your workflows can offer solutions that are tailored specifically to the client and agent in question. These solutions can be built entirely around your policies.
This approach reduces the management workload for your supervisors and the escalation of cases, by maximizing the respective self-sufficiency of each agent. It also reduces the risk of improvisation and optimizes the results of each service call.

Solve the inquiries of distributors separately

Each customer you will serve is different and requires a particular understanding and adaptation from your team when being offered their services. Linking your customer service to your CRM provides your employees with specifications regarding the client they are speaking with, and guides them in their approach.
In addition, it is possible to identify the type of customer who initiates a service call and assign it to a qualified agent. A distributor can therefore be prioritized, or at least cared for differently than an end customer. Not only will the client be more satisfied but assigning them to a qualified agent will allow the employee to have better control on the case to be handled.

Optimize the collected information and use it to create value

Your Dynamics 365 solution is at the heart of your sales and planning processes. By integrating your customer service with Dynamics 365, you will create a source of information that is of great value for your sales teams. Furthermore, you enable your customer service agents to be informed on opportunities that are under development with their customers. The service agents can sustain your sales effort or customize their response to defuse a potentially negative situation with a client of great value.

Unleash the full potential of your CRM solution for customer services management

Integrating customer service into your customer relationship management system can maximize the impact of your client feedback and optimize the service provided to your customers. Managing the concerns of your customers creates positive value that supports the sales of your company


Analyze service requests received to identify trends, product issues and customer development opportunities.


Monitor in real time the number of service requests received, the average response time and activity rate of your call centres as well as the possibility of transferring certain requests in order to better distribute the workload among the agents.


Identify the most effective solutions for each service request and automatically assign a customer to the representative most likely to meet their needs.

Business Intelligence

Provide your agents with tools that clearly indicate the solutions they can offer before transferring a client case to their supervisor using workflows adapted to each type of request.

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