CRM solutions for fleet management

The functionalities of the Dynamics 365 technician fleet management enable you to optimize the assignments of your technicians whether they are planned or requested immediately for an emergency. Managing your service contracts this way will also result in a more cost-effective preventative maintenance.No need to wait any longer and discover XRM Vision’s solution now!

Fleet maintenance with XRM Vision

Fleet CRM : Workflow management

Creating workflows reduces the administrative tasks of your technicians while reducing the risk of errors. This solution allows any service request to be processed, to be matched with the adequate resources and to generate the appropriate invoices and service forms. This framework makes it possible to document and analyze the efficiency of each action.

Fleet CRM : Preventive maintenance scheduling

Integrating service agreement management into your CRM generates trend analysis and preventive maintenance scheduling when the risk of problems increase.

These preventive maintenance services allow your technicians to better plan their route and reduce the risk of damage, minimizing the costs of your warranties and service bundles. They also allow you to build a collaborative relationship with your customers, collect information on their activities and boost your sales.

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Proactively plan the route of your technicians to gain better management of your costs and risks

The algorithms of Microsoft solutions make it possible to assess and predict any risk that impacts the service. Combined with efficient workflow management, these predictions simplify your fleet management and facilitate its integration into your regular activities.If you are looking for a project management solution adapted to your company’s reality, discover the CRM for project management!

Assign your technicians proactively and efficiently

Linking your technical fleet management to your CRM allows you to benefit from the cross-platform integration of Dynamics 365. This enables you to handle any request, no matter where it comes from, whether it is via the web or the phone. Your customer service agents can also easily convert a service call into an intervention by indicating the availability of the customer into the platform.

These requests are then merged into your workflow to assess the severity of the problem, assign resources and send a qualified technician to solve the problem. This integration avoids the funnel effect with regard to the assignments and ensures that each technician is qualified to solve the encountered problem.

Reduce costs by scheduling preventive maintenance

The management of service contracts makes it possible to know what products and services were purchased by each customer, to monitor their use and to forecast the evolution of their use. Not only is it possible to anticipate service requests in a preventive way, but this regular monitoring makes it possible to identify new sales opportunities.
By focusing on preventive maintenance, but above all on a thorough analysis of the use of your solutions, you become an essential business partner for your customers.

Optimize the assignment of resources to match the requirements of each service request

Automating the support of service requests optimizes the assignment of your resources. Travel is more efficient and reduces wasted time. Such optimization also makes it possible to consider the expertise, experience and cost of each technician. By weighing each request, it is possible to assign your best experts to the most complex issues, while giving more autonomy to junior team members. This ensures that each customer is cared for by a technician who is able to quickly resolve the encountered issues.

Unlock the full potential of your CRM solution

Managing on-the-road technicians directly from your CRM allows you to better anticipate your maintenance needs. It also ensures that you can take full advantage of the features offered by a Dynamics 365 solution in the management of your fleet.


Analyze the time and cost of each service call to schedule your maintenance and reduce the costs of your service calls.


Monitor the evolution of the volume of service requests, the sales generated by your technicians and the moments in the lifecycle of your customers when the most problems occur.


Automate the creation of service requests, sending invoices, calculating the costs of your service contracts and post-intervention feedback emails. By removing these tasks from your technical teams, you make them more productive while reducing your risk of administrative errors.

Business Intelligence

Use the Microsoft predictive engine to anticipate issues and a preventive maintenance program to minimize your warranty management costs.

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