Managed Services for Office 365: Let us be part of your team and help you maximize the advantages of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform

The Dynamics 365 platform offers numerous functionalities. With XRM Vision’s managed services, you will be sure to exploit the full power of your solution according to your business model, while leveraging the specific Microsoft features and benefits to set you apart from the competition.

Managed Services for Office 365: Enjoy a wide range of managed services aligned with your business model and maximize your investment

Rely on a team of experts to manage the entire lifecycle of your CRM solution. Your organization gets access to a wide range of services:

  • Solution maintenance
  • Development plan creation
  • Incident management
  • Bug fixes
  • Knowledge base development
  • Change management consulting
  • Coaching
  • Customized trainings and personalized support

Choose from a variety of available packages to get the best quality services according to your needs, your context, and your budget.

Benefits of using managed services to support Dynamics 365

By adopting proven business practices, your organization improves its efficiency. Indeed, 90% of Fortune 500 companies are adopting ITIL standards to ensure good IT service management. For example, with our team, you can benefit from various services:

  • Requests processed according to a service-level agreement (SLA)
  • Implementation of performance indicators to measure the effectiveness, efficiency, and quality of services provided
  • Management of support processes according to the ITIL standard
  • Creation of a service portal to offer a personalized customer experience

Make the most of your Dynamics 365 platform’s potential with the quality support of a team of experts.

Optimize your investment by taking advantage of a wide range of professional services adapted to your situation and business objectives. Looking for CRM solutions that empower your team? Discover our CRM for sales today!

Take advantage of various training and adoption management services

Allow your employees to deepen their knowledge and increase their productivity. By offering them quality support, you increase the satisfaction of your platform’s end users. In doing so, your team gets all the support they need to answer their questions. This will allow you to free up some of your IT staff internally to tackle other critical tasks for your business.

Through change management coaching, you increase platform adoption and achieve your business objectives. You can also benefit from support in setting up clear and effective governance to increase your productivity.

Training and change management services:

  • Choose from a wide range of courses, including customized training sessions
  • Benefit from coaching and personalized support
  • Get usage tracking
  • Receive change management consulting for your situation
  • Receive an adoption report
Tap into the skills and in-depth experience of a multidisciplinary team that will become an extension of your own team

Benefit from the multidisciplinary skills of a community of Microsoft-certified experts to stabilize, optimize, and evolve your platform. Our team brings together developers, CRM architects, configurators, functional analysts, and technical analysts so that your business can rely on in-depth expertise in a variety of Microsoft technologies (Dynamics 365, Power Platform, Power BI).

Plus, this support will help you gain a better understanding of your business processes and keep you up to date with Microsoft news that will help you grow and optimize your investment.

Stabilise and optimise your platform’s support and maintenance operations

Entrust the problems encountered with your platform to a team of experts. XRM Vision supports the maintenance of your Dynamics 365 platform in order to stabilize or optimize it through corrective or proactive maintenance.

Corrective maintenance
Any problems affecting your Dynamics 365 solution or your users are handled by a team of experts. By opting for a corrective maintenance plan, you have access to various services to stabilize your platform.

Corrective maintenance services:

  • Bug fixes
  • Access management
  • Incident management
  • Service request management
  • Management of change or improvement requests
  • Root cause fixes
  • Knowledge base management

Proactive maintenance

Beyond stabilization, our team takes care of the maintenance of your platform in order to make lasting improvements. A proactive maintenance plan allows you to take advantage of various services to optimize your solution Dynamics 365 according to your business model.

Proactive maintenance services:

  • Quality tests and controls
  • Analysis and improvement plan
  • Impact assessment of new versions
  • Security surveillance
  • Licence optimization
  • Update and version management
  • Analysis of recurring incidents
  • Surveillance and monitoring
Take advantage of new Dynamics 365 features and evolve your solution at your own pace

Take advantage of continuous optimization of your platform and better agility for years to come with our services. Evolve your platform with the support of a team of interdisciplinary experts who understand your business needs and have a thorough knowledge of the latest possibilities of Microsoft technologies.

Services to evolve your platform towards continuous optimization:

  • Solution evolution plan with an expert
  • Microsoft technology monitoring
  • Impact analysis and request evaluation
  • Change request processing
  • Personalized support during deployments
  • Tests and roll-out plan

Unleash the full potential of your CRM solution

Maximize your investment in your Dynamics 365 platform to unlock its full potential and drive your growth.


Optimize your platform so that it can readily evolve along with your organization and the industry’s needs while maximizing your performance and client experience.

ITIL method

Align your platform with your needs by following the best IT practices in the industry.

SLA and reporting

Increase data management security and track the results and progress of your organization with detailed reports for strong governance and increased ROI.

Seamless transition

Let our team handle your end-to-end customer integration process.

Microsoft expertise

Rely on a cross-functional team for advanced technical support, advice, knowledge base building, understanding of risks and benefits of the latest Microsoft features, training, and personalized coaching to guide your team towards continuous optimization of your platform while promoting knowledge acquisition and empowerment.


Get ongoing support to solve recurring or one-time problems.

Rely on a fast customer integration process and a smooth transition with XRM Vision’s Managed Services:



Choose the package that best suits your needs



Our team analyzes your solutions and processes to offer you a customized integration plan.


Documentation and knowledge transfer

Through our exchanges, we aim to brush a detailed portrait of your solution to build your knowledge base.


Launch and training

We’re ready! Activate the service portal and train your users.


Measuring and adjusting

It’s time to share KPIs. We analyze your requests to make recommendations regarding risks, new features, and optimization opportunities.

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