CRM solution for Marketing

Sales and marketing are becoming increasingly connected. A comprehensive CRM solution for marketing allows your marketing to proactively adapt and adequately support your sales process.

Marketing CRM : Automation and customization of communications

Automated marketing is organized around workflows that trigger communications following an action by your customer/prospect or an event that can influence their purchasing behavior. You can target them with web advertising, send them a personalized email or subscribe them to a loyalty program automatically. This automation allows you to maintain active and efficient communication with all your customers without having to manually write each message.

Split up your customers to better understand them with your Marketing CRM solution

By regrouping your customers under personas or groups, it is possible to present them with different messages and guide them through different sales channels according to their needs.

You automate part of your activities, while ensuring a personalized follow-up for each sales opportunity. Measuring the results of each segment then makes it possible to optimize marketing for each group.

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Use your Marketing CRM to deploy intelligent automated marketing tailored to the profiles of your customers.

Separating your audience makes it possible to create personalized marketing campaigns based on your customer data. Messages are always sent at the right time and in the right format, which enhances their impact and the sales associated with them.

Create personas for optimal support of each potential customer

Divide your potential customers into different groups and adapt the way you communicate with each of them. By attributing a commitment score to each customer based on their reaction to your previous campaigns and communications, you can adjust the messages they receive and prioritize the opportunities that have the greatest potential.
You can adapt to all your customers by ensuring that everyone receives your message at their own pace and according to their own purchasing reality.

Send targeted messages based on behavior, profile and previous actions

Connecting your automated marketing to your CRM, allows you to use your customer data to personalize your messages and campaigns. Not only can you customize the greetings of a message, but it is also possible to adapt the channel used to send it, the products and services mentioned, the time of sending and the signature of the representative assigned to this customer.

Optimize different series of actions to maximize the progression of a potential sale

Marketing workflows are not limited to successive email sequences. This powerful tool creates a decision tree that guides a potential customer based on their reaction to each of your communications. These workflows also enable you to adapt to the pace and profile of each customer/prospect/leads, minimizing effort and eliminating the risk of improvisation that can occur when a message is sent manually.

Ensure optimal management of each opportunity generated

Efficient marketing will generate new leads and business opportunities. Integrating your platforms via your CRM, will ensure that all new opportunities will automatically be created in your CRM. Regardless of the structure of your assignment model, its automation will allow your sales team to quickly and efficiently handle it. Whether you operate by round robin, territory, expertise or other, you will be assured that the right representative will be assigned to each generated lead.

Rely on the expertise of XRM Vision to implement and operate automated marketing campaigns tailored to the needs of your customers.

Our experts at XRM Vision can help you design and implement marketing automation solutions. Using your CRM knowledge base combined with a strong collaboration with your sales teams, will allow us to develop and optimize the messages that will sustain the conversion of your various prospects. Once this optimization has been achieved, you will be able to take over the management of your campaigns at any time and capitalize on the established framework.

Unleash the full potential of your Marketing CRM

Integrating customer service into your CRM system allows you to maximize the impact of your customer feedback and optimize the service offered to them. Managing your customers’ issues creates positive value that supports your company’s sales.


Document the reactions to each interaction you have with a prospect in order to personalize your communications while profiling them accurately.


Identify reaction patterns to your communications. Review your audiences and adapt your workflows to optimize your conversions. Our Power BI tool generates powerful reports that allow you to make informed marketing decisions.


Communicate with your prospects wherever they are by automating your messages by email, messaging, advertising, mobile notifications and more according to your audience’s preferences.

Customer journey

Develop customer trips to support your customers in their purchasing process and increase their commitment to your company.

Are you looking for solutions to support your sales and proactively increase customer satisfaction without affecting the productivity and efficiency of your operations ? Discover our CRM solution for customer services management.

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