CRM solution for project management

A Project management CRM (Customer Relationship Management) that is tailored to your business needs! Efficient project management is essential to ensure the evolution of your business. Structuring it using workflows and automating part of your follow-ups provides you with increased productivity and traceability to help your processes evolve. Such a solution ensures continuous optimization of your project management, which is key to the success of your organization.

Creating structural chains of events with your CRM

The creation of a chain of events creates a structure for recurring projects. These events automatically create a project schedule, suggest the resources to be assigned to it and establish dependencies between them.

This structure reduces the time required and the risk of errors during project planning. It also makes it possible to measure the success of projects between them in order to optimize your processes. This optimization ensures a better calculation of the risk, and contingency to be applied for each future project. In the event of a cost overrun due to a delay by a subcontractor, it will be possible to adapt the project schedule to allow more flexibility next time.

Automation of structures and communications with your CRM platform

By managing your project teams around workflows, you can centralize their communications via your CRM platform. In doing so, you ensure that each team member has the right information at the right time. Communications will be more efficient, resulting in a faster and more structured delivery of your projects.

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Establish an optimal project management structure and optimize it with each iteration

By applying a common structure to all similar projects, you can compare their success to one another to identify trends and opportunities for optimization. By doing so, you can develop your processes over time and prevent any risk that may affect the cost and timelines of future projects.

Create work structures, organize documentation and centralize your project communications on your CRM

The implementation of a project and its framework has a significant impact on the success of the project. By creating a project framework that is tailored to the needs of your company, it is possible to replicate it and ensure a solid foundation for each project. This framework can also include a document prioritization, some of which can be pre-filled automatically for time efficiency. It can also generate and assign the necessary tasks to the people involved.

Assess and enhance the growth of your company’s know-how

A standardized project structure allows you to analyze and draw conclusions about the success of a project in order to move your business forward. It establishes reliable comparisons and makes it possible to compare the progress, deadlines and costs of similar projects. In addition, project traceability makes it possible to create predictive models that anticipate problems and act proactively in future projects.

Use a predictive approach to identify the potential risks of a project

The implementation of a predictive project management application makes it possible to anticipate the risks associated with a project. As the project progresses, the algorithm opens or closes various possible situations. You will therefore be informed of the risk probability of a project in real time. This allows you to act proactively to maximize the success of the project, keep the parties involved informed and limit unforeseen problems.

Unlock the full potential of your CRM solution

Integrating your project management into your CRM solution enhances the impact of the platform, while centralizing all data on each of your customers.


Analyze the progress of each project in real time in order to proactively address the underlying risks.


Centralize all project communications and automate recurring reports and follow-ups. Each party involved will remain informed of the progress of the project and will be able to take prompt action if necessary.


By ensuring traceability and standardizing the structure of your projects, you can measure their success by comparing them to previous projects.

Business Intelligence

The predictive models of your CRM allow you to anticipate the stakes of a project in order to act on them beforehand.

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