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A CRM is the heart of sales activities practised by a company. A Dynamics 365 solution enhances the potential of such a tool by adding business intelligence to the equation. Business intelligence enables you to proactively identify, prioritize and assign each opportunity in an optimal way. This solution also ensures that you have all the relevant information at the tip of your fingers.

Redefining the sales cycle in an intelligent manner

A CRM implementation must begin by optimizing your sales cycle as well as the processes that sustain this cycle.

It is possible to establish validation thresholds (gates) for each stage of the sales cycle. This will allow you to standardize your processes for the different sales teams. In addition to automatically validating these, your CRM will assign a score to each opportunity, prioritize them and assign them to the seller most likely to make the sale according to their profile, their history and the customer who is involved.

A CRM that is tailored to your company will also pinpoint additional sales opportunities through the efforts of your customer service, technical support and operations teams. These opportunities are documented instantly to be handled by your teams.

Automate the process of gathering information on your prospects

The Microsoft Insights tool which is essential in identifying the key contacts of a targeted company, automatically completes the profile of all new prospects using the information that is made available on the Web. This provides you with a complete overview it includes information on the structure, the current presence and the business needs of a company.

In addition, integrating with LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows you to connect the profiles of your customers and contacts to their LinkedIn pages. You benefit by gaining complete insight into their activities through your CRM. This key information allows you to act quickly on all newly identified opportunities.

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Use your CRM to its full potential by developing workflows that allow your sales process to be fully encompassed by all your resources.

Combining the expertise of your team, your understanding regarding the needs of your customers and a CRM structure adapted to your company enables you to proactively identify new opportunities. A customized structure increases your chances of converting more of them.

Adjust your tools and processes increase the impact

Our team uses customized solutions, which ensure that each opportunity is identified and allows you to develop them through a process that is constantly optimized according to your business reality.

These opportunities are recorded, prioritized and escalated based on the learning achieved by Dynamics 365 algorithms. The focus of your team and resources will always be put in a position where they will have the most impact.

Use solutions that are adapted to your partners who will share their business development efforts with you.

The Dynamics 365 CRM structure allows you to create autonomous platforms for your distribution partners, ambassadors and affiliates. They can access certain tools and document their opportunities in a centralized location.

A properly used CRM solution allows your partners to not only access sales tools adapted to their reality but are also provided with the information you have about the customers they are trying to reach. In return, the information collected by your partners is consolidated in your systems, giving you a more accurate picture of your customers and increasing the accuracy of their profiling.

If each partner only has access to their information, your sales manager will have an overview of your ecosystem. They will be able to assess the performance of each partner and accurately predict the overall sales.

Anticipate potential risks proactively and convert them into additional sales opportunities

Integrating warranty terms into your CRM allows you to proactively manage the maintenance of the products sold. It also makes it possible to anticipate their renewal and to follow up with your customers before they start evaluating their options.

Regular warranty management can also increase warranty extension sales where applicable.

In addition, warranty follow-ups make it possible to offer the necessary maintenance to prevent product breakage, which could be more expensive for you to repair or replace. This reduces your warranty costs while keeping a good relationship with your customers.

Increase the commitment of your salespeople while optimizing their interactions

Gamification consists in incorporating game mechanisms into your systems and sales processes. These help to keep your salespeople, customers and partners more motivated and involved.

Creating leader boards, accumulating points and other tools will emphasize the progress of each individual in real time. This will keep your salespeople focused on their objectives, while developing healthy competition within your team.

Unleash the full potential of your CRM solution

Implementing a CRM solution that is tailored to your company and optimizing it on a regular basis makes it possible to capitalize on the daily experiences that are acquired by your team. This maximizes the impact of your resources.


Rely on Dynamics 365 algorithms to detect trends in your business approach and capitalize on them to increase and improve your conversions.


Track the performance and evolution of your sales in real time so you can make more accurate sales predictions, know the revenue potential of each step of your sales cycle and proactively provide the required support to your teams.


Use your CRM to identify opportunities to prioritize and contact your prospects when they are most likely to close a transaction. Document your communications as well as how your customers react to them doing this will enable you to personalize your approach and adapt your speech to the reality of the situation each customer is facing.

Business Intelligence

The business intelligence integrated into Dynamics 365 helps you identify trends and development opportunities before they occur. It will identify opportunities that require the necessary actions that must be taken to ensure that you can be proactive and take the lead on your competition.

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