CRM for finance service: A solution that enables you to adapt to the growing financial needs of your clients.

Providing financial services makes for a unique business offer. Not only do you have an extensive portfolio comprised of a wide variety of products, but the interest of your clients in these products also change rapidly to reflect their family and professional reality. As a financial partner, it is important for you to keep a thorough knowledge of the situation lived by each of your clients. This is why we have decided to create a CRM solution that is adapted to your reality and that of your customers, to integrate as a management tool for your business.

The impact a finance CRM has on your key activities

Tracking the events that are affecting the financial situation of your clients

The financial needs of a client change with the events that shape their lives. It is important for you to know and understand their reality and their goals to provide them with adequate and consistent consulting.

Our CRM platform enables you to automate several types of follow-ups, keeping you informed on the development of the situation each customer is going through. Keep an eye on your client relationships to deliver customized experiences.  Through marketing automation, these personalized and automatic communications collect valuable feedback regarding your customers. The intelligent engine of this management software then pinpoints the issues that require your attention or personalized follow-up according to your business rules.

Managing all points of contact

Connecting your finance CRM software to each of your marketing and transactional platforms, enables us to monitor the actions of your customers through these platforms. We can profile them according to the information and topics that interest them, determine their needs and identify opportunities to sell them or adapt financial products and marketing campaigns to their needs.

Whether it be via your website, in the form of newsletters, emails or even your presence on social media, each of your communications are an essential source of feedback. By demonstrating to a client that you take the time to get to know and understand them, you position yourself as a valuable partner in their projects. This will keep your customers more committed to the long-term relationship you want to build with them. This is a big part of customer relationship management.

Intelligent product recommendation

Consolidating all of the information you have about a customer into your finance CRM system, will enable our algorithms to analyze their needs and make recommendations built from all of your financial products. These recommendations which are founded entirely around your business rules will allow you to create a well-diversified portfolio that is fully adapted to each of your clients.

There will be no need for your sales team to re-evaluate each product by trying different product combinations. The Microsoft intelligent engine will evaluate each possible combination for you and propose the most relevant product packages according to your criteria, which can facilitate your sales process.

Integration to transactional systems

Our CRM for financial services integrates with your transactional platforms. This provides you with information on payments that have been made or are pending for each of your customers. The information regarding the value of each customer and their investment volume with you will be available to you in real time.

This crucial data allows you to prioritize and evaluate the potential of each client. They can also be interpreted by our algorithms when recommending products to be offered to your clients.

If you would like to know more about our vision on customer relations in the financial services industry, please feel free to speak with one of our experts.

Would you like to learn more about our CRM solutions, designed specifically for financial service firms ? If so, do not hesitate to contact our experts to discuss your business needs.

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