CRM Software for Professional Services

The most valuable asset of a professional service firm is undoubtedly the time being offered by its experts. Each task that can be optimized or automated using a CRM system represents a significant potential gain. XRM Vision is committed to relieving professionals of their administrative burdens. We achieve this by creating a customized CRM solution for professional service management thus allowing you to capitalize on your expertise. This will keep your teams motivated and will make your business profitable.

The impact a CRM for professional services can have on your key activities

Assignment of roles and expertise

By creating a new mandate in your CRM, this tool will allow you to separate your project into different tasks and assign them according to the expertise of each employee. This makes it possible to make the most of the experience and expertise of each individual.

This approach in project management increases the performance of each resource and enhances their expertise. You will also gain a significant amount of time throughout the task assignment process.

Optimization of billing hours

Your CRM software will handle a large part of the administrative tasks that previously rested on the shoulders of professionals. The automation of invoicing, customer satisfaction reviews, progress reports and other crucial communications, will enable your team of professionals to use their time to advance on more critical files.

Consistent follow-ups on current files

Managing your current work in our CRM instance for professionals, will provide you with a real-time progress of your work. Should an emergency occur, the intelligent device will suggest a reassignment of resources to minimize the impact on current files.

This close follow up will make it possible to document each step of a file, allowing for increased quality control at each stage of its completion. Centralizing the file of a client over time will also enable you to have all of their history at hand making each professional aware of their history and specific needs.

Secure document management and processing

Our CRM provides a secure portal for each one of your customers. A Microsoft Dynamics 365 technological architecture makes it possible to exchange sensitive files with your customers while ensuring security. This makes for more productive communications and will save you time while reducing the risks associated with transmitting and archiving files.

The client relationship is at the core of your sales process for your products and services. Through your CRM search engine and by integrating it with your Office 365 tools, you will be able to search through all of the documentation and client data that is related to a customer. This will make you more efficient and make all of the information you have more beneficial to you and your customer service.

Would you be interested in evaluating the impact that our CRM solution for professionals can have on your business? Our experts would be happy to discuss this with you and help you achieve a digital transformation of your customer relationship and resource management processes.

Would you like to learn more about our CRM solutions, designed specifically for professional service firms ? If so, do not hesitate to contact our experts to discuss your business needs.

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