Manufacturing CRM: Distribution management designed for the manufacturing industry

Manufacturing companies are faced with a unique sales challenge. Since your sales are aimed at a more restrictive number of direct customers, it is crucial for you to understand the entire decision-making process that will affect their purchases.

Our manufacturing CRM solution which is adapted to the manufacturing reality and the supply chain, allows us to assist you in taking this influential factor into account when planning your sales and production processes. This platform helps you use marketing tools that specifically target each influential group and measures the impact it has on your sales, in real time.

In addition to integrating your sales, service and business processes into the operations of your company, our platform also allows you to build and document the privileged relationship you have with your direct customers and distribution partners.

The impact of a manufacturing CRM on your key activities

Managing the influential process

By collecting customer information, our CRM system makes it possible to document the profiles of your customers, and to define their influential processes in order to understand the driving factors behind their purchasing patterns. Whether it is their end customers, retailers or experts (mechanics, architects, accountants), understanding what influences them will help you assist your customers in promoting your products.

Our customer relationship management software allows to create a customer centric strategy for your business, in order to improve the customer experience. You will also be able to directly influence the demand that your customers are facing.

Targeted marketing campaigns

Relying on the automated marketing applications of Dynamics 365, our solution allows you to target a different message for each influential group as well as for the individuals who are involved in it. You can therefore emphasize the benefits of your products that are essential to everyone and adjust the type of contact to the purchasing cycle of each party involved.

Production planning and sales predictions

By integrating the different levels of buyers into your CRM software, it is possible to define your sales estimates according to their specific demands. You can anticipate your production needs more accurately, while having a more accurate sales projection for your sales team.

Client portal and order entry

By adding a client portal which is entirely integrated into our CRM solution for manufacturers, we provide clients with the tools to review their purchase and invoicing history at all times. They can also put in orders directly into the system, this will simplify your sales process and increase their client fidelity.

Documenting and management of guaranties

As a manufacturer, it is easy to lose track of your products as they make their way through distribution channels. The warranty management module allows you to track the contributors, know your end consumers and evaluate the usability lifecycle of your products. In addition, this module makes it possible to anticipate interviews and other costs related to the management of these guarantees.

Integration of customer service

Integrating customer service to CRM allows you to gather feedback from different users and buyers of your products. The module facilitates the distribution of requests within your team as the management of technicians sent on the road.

Manufacturing CRM: Integration to your ERP solution

The high integration capacity of Microsoft solutions allows us to connect our CRM to a multitude of ERP systems. It is possible to link the needs and interests of your customers to your inventory and production, ensuring the optimal management of your company as a whole.

Would you like to learn more about our CRM solutions for manufacturing companies? If so, do not hesitate to contact our experts to start discussing your needs.

Would you like to learn more about our CRM solutions, designed specifically for manufacturing companies ? If so, do not hesitate to contact our experts to discuss your business needs.

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