CRM solutions for Insurance Brokers & Insurance Agents

Being an insurance company, and more specifically an insurance broker, makes you an important financial partner for your clients. Beyond selling insurance products, you must also understand the growth and evolution of your clients so that you can put together insurance plans that correspond to their needs at a specific time.

A CRM system that is adapted to insurance industry specific can assess your interactions with your clients as well as the data you have gathered on them. A CRM solution can also produce insurance products that are founded on your agreements and on your specific suppliers. It can also optimize the fluctuation and growth of the premiums your clients have.

This technological contribution allows you to adopt a personalized approach, which draws on your expertise to optimize the opportunities offered by your product portfolio.

The impact of CRM for insurance brokers on your activities

Request Management (Call Management System)

The CRM will document and prioritize all new requests coming from customers, partners and prospects according to their level of urgency. This lets you focus and put your efforts on the most important files.

Sustain client relations (Customer Relationship Management)

It is possible to give your full attention to each client to create a good customer experience. The creation of automated workflows allows you to send targeted and customized communications to each one of your customers, these communications will match their actions, pre-defined deadlines and their profiles.

Sales follow-ups (Sales Process)

The more your services are requested, the harder it gets to thoroughly follow-up on each opportunity. An adapted CRM solution offers an overview of these opportunities, prioritizes them according to your criteria and allows you to always have the maximum client information at hand when doing follow-ups, to manage leads.

Client portal (Customer service)

Providing a portal to your customers allows them to verify their account, review their bills and modify their information autonomously. They feel they have the necessary tools which reduces the volume of low-value added activities you receive.

Designing customized products (BI)

Once your commercial agreements have been entered into your Dynamics system, our algorithms will calculate the number of possible policies that can be assembled and can meet the needs of each new client. This intelligent system guarantees that you will always suggest the solution that is the most adapted to meet the needs of each customer, in real time.

Management of commercial agreements

The management and execution of commercial agreements are essential to offer your clients high-performing insurance products that are adapted to their needs. Choosing a CRM for insurance agents and brokers allows you to record your agreements, inform you of renewals and opportunities. They can make these opportunities evolve and automatically integrate any new features into the policy writing process.

Building a strong relationship with each customer

We make all the relevant information about your customers and partners accessible to you. This will ensure that you are better prepared for your customers, making each interaction more relevant and pertinent. You will gain a better understanding of the challenges your customers face and make more strategic recommendations with solutions that will be tailored to their needs and assembled for you by the intelligence of the Dynamics 365 systems.

Lessen the client management task

Our consultants have designed CRM solutions that are tailored to the profile of your client and to the kind of relation you would like to have with them. We help you define the business rules that sustain your communications, create workflows that automate certain communications and that define the priority of each contact and opportunity. This allows you to immediately begin your activities since the management of your customer portfolio will be done automatically.

CRM for Insurance Brokers: Automate the creation of insurance products

Navigating between the thousands of options and combinations made possible by your insurance partners, requires a lot of money and energy. This makes it easy to fall into the trap of prioritizing certain products, since it is hard to remember all of their options and specific characteristics.

Our CRM solutions are able to analyze the thousands of product combinations that are available and create customized insurance policies based on your criteria and the specific profile of each client. This will allow you to focus your attention on analyzing the needs of your client. You will then be perceived as a partner who cares more about the growth of your client than about the product you are selling.

Would you like to learn more about our CRM solutions, designed specifically for manufacturing companies? If so, do not hesitate to contact our experts to discuss your business needs.

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