An implementation based on your business reality

Most CRM consultants will brag about offering the best technologies. Our focus aims at finding a tried and true methodology that will keep your business reality at the heart of the processes. Technology only comes into play once your business needs have been understood.
After all, who would want the buy the best solution that will solve the problem of someone else?
Each new CRM implementation project goes through the 4 following steps. This method has been designed to maximize the potential of the Dynamics CRM solution built around your business needs.

Planning and assessing (Sprint0)

All projects begin with an opened business discussion. This allows us to pinpoint your specific needs and the business processes that need to be optimized. A maturity assessment allows us to have an accurate picture of the maturity and challenges that these processes will encounter.
This assessment will ensure that we design CRM solutions that are adapted to your business reality and the needs of your users. This will create a plan that will yield the results you are looking for.
Once we have grasped your business reality, our CRM consultants will work on defining the data structure and essential functionalities that will bring you the operational benefits you are looking to achieve. We proceed by implementing a data migration and solution security strategy.
Lastly, we confirm the team assigned for each project, the required software and finalize the project plan outlining the entire solution to be implementing.

Building the solution

Inspired by the Agile methodology, this second phase is divided into 3-week intervals. Each interval makes it possible to plan the next features, define the User Stories, develop them and test their functionalities.
This operating method ensures flexibility throughout the building process. It also provides you with regular and timely updates, so you can quickly start making a profit. You do not need to wait until your entire CRM solution is completed to feel the positive impacts!
Our expertise in Dynamics solutions and the experience we have acquired in various industries allow us to focus on best practices in terms of CRM while adapting them to your specific reality.

CRM Implementation

Highlighting the implementation of your CRM applications, this phase consists in migrating data to the new platform and training users on how to use it. Implementation is a crucial moment of any CRM project. The best project will be considered a failure if your users do not adopt the implemented platform.
XRM Vision is characterized by the training and support it provides to your teams and internal team leaders and managers.

Support and optimization

We support you in the use of your CRM from the moment it is put into production. We provide you with a governance and optimization program that is adapted to your business reality.

Through this program, we reassess your maturity matrix to ensure that we are on the right track to achieving the expected results. We also provide your teams with the tools and support they need to grasp and manage the designed applications and adopt an optimal usage habit.
Our team stays by your side at all times and ensures that the daily impact of your CRM continues to evolve and support the growth of your company.

Our methodology in motion

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