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    Power Apps gives the power to innovate to those who have ideas. React quickly to market developments without depending on the development of a technological solution.

    With Microsoft Power Apps, you can shape your working technologies according to your changing needs without writing any code. Creating personalized state-of-the-art mobile applications is now at hand for everyone.

    • Digitize your business processes and optimize your work
    • Easily connect all your apps and share your data
    • Automate and optimize your business processes

    Lab. 1 – Introduction 
    How to create a Canvas application
    Demystify the steps to create a Canvas type application in Power Apps.

    Lab. 1 – Ex. 2
    Creating a list of manufacturers
    Learn how to add a list of manufacturers in your application.

    Lab. 1 – Ex. 3
    Linking the list of manufacturers
    Find out how to link your list of manufacturers to your list of equipment.

    Lab. 1 – Ex. 4
    Create an option to compare items
    To offer the option of comparing items with each other in a list, here is the procedure to follow.

    Lab. 1 – Ex. 5
    Adding navigation buttons
    Master the addition of buttons, whether to compare items or to empty a list.

    Lab. 1 – Ex. 6
    Create a comparison screen
    Find out how to create a comparison screen and complete the last step in Lab. 1.

    Lab. 2 – Ex. 1
    Storing the order taking in the Common Data Service (CDS)
    Learn how to create the entity that allows you to save your orders.

    Lab. 2 – Ex. 2
    Connecting your application to the order storage unit
    Find out how to link your Canvas type application to the entity containing your orders.

    Lab. 2 – Ex. 3
    Display a confirmation screen
    Here’s how to allow your users to validate that their request is saved in the order storage entity.

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