Take your projects to the next level with Project Operations

Dynamics 365 Project Operations gives you the tools you need to plan, collaborate, manage and execute on your project-centric business, end to end. From prospecting, to delivery, to payments, to profit, Project Operations helps you drive project success and profitability. 

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    Finally, all your project needs in one place 

    Dynamics 365 Project Operations is an evolution of Microsoft’s existing project management offerings, including Microsoft Planner, Project Online, Project Service Automation (PSA) and Dynamics 365 Finance. While these apps have specific strengths such as scheduling, time management or accounting, Project Operations brings together all the relevant features under one umbrella. This allows you to plan, deliver, and scale projects without moving data from system to system. 

    Empower your entire team
    With a wide range of features and functionalities, Project Operations can be used across your entire organization, including: sales, project management, delivery, accounting, finance, and operations. By centralizing your project needs, you can improve visibility, allignement and empower your entire team for success. 

    Optimize your project management structure and deliver successful projects 

    With Project Operations, your team will be able to win more contracts, optimize resource allocation, improve delivery, gain key insights and identify areas for growth. 

    Comprehensive financial insights 

    View key performance indicators with built-in dashboards so you can track progress as you execute your projects. A configurable CPQ (cost, price, quote) engine, invoicing, revenue recognition, and project accounting functionalities give you all the tools you need to ensure profitability every step of the way. 

    Productivity and project delivery

    Project Operations provides a powerful range of tools to improve internal productivity. Flexible and intuitive time tracking and scheduling features allow your team to work efficiently as they execute projects. And with customizable dashboards, interactive Gantt charts, and work-breakdown structures, you can gain valuable insight into how projects are progressing. 

    Improved resource optimization

    Project Operations includes built-in skillset matching so you can make sure to assign the right resources to meet your project demands. Microsoft Teams integration helps ensure alignment so that your team can collaborate successfully and ensure resources are being allocated efficiently. And intelligent schedule features help anticipate needs so that you can switch from reactive to proactive. 

    Unlock the full potential of your project-centric business

    Integrating Project Operations into your project management and delivery process will help you deliver more projects on time and on budget. 


    A centralized sales management center allows your team to prioritize deals, identify at risk opportunities, and determine profitability. 


    Analyze the progress of each project in real time in order to proactively address the underlying risks. 


    Powerful and customizable dashboards allow you to monitor key performance indicators so you can make timely decisions. 


    Centralize all project communications and ensure project alignment. Integration with Microsoft Teams allows your team to remain flexible without becoming unfocused. 

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