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XRM Vision is a CRM and project management consulting firm founded in Quebec and Canada. Our human-sized firm is driven by cutting-edge expertise and a commitment to our clients’ success. For over 10 years, we have been creating business applications for customer engagement and project management. We specialize in designing and implementing customer relationship management, project management and operations management solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 technologies.

We guide sales, marketing, finance and customer service professionals to harness the full power of the processes and solutions we offer. This allows them to focus their efforts on creating an exceptional customer and employee experience.

We use the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform and Power Platform tools to tailor them to your business reality. Whether you need to manage your business processes, projects, customer service, sales or marketing, our experts can help you. We offer our services to companies from various sectors such as insurance, financial services, manufacturing and professional firms.

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Beyond CRM and project management technologies, we offer a development approach that is adapted to your business reality.

Capacity assessment

We make sure to understand the fundamentals of your company before implementing a solution that will target the real issues.

Design of the solution

Our expertise in Dynamics 365 allows us to design tailor-made solutions that are able to unlock the full potential of your teams.

CRM implementation

We support you in the implementation of our solutions by training your teams and adjusting the systems developed to meet the specific needs of your business context.

Assistance and support

Throughout your digital transformation, our experts will always be available to help your users take ownership of your CRM and project management apps, to adjust its functionalities and to ensure that it achieves an optimal performance.

XRM Vision supports your business growth by deploying solutions tailored to your challenges and leveraging the full potential of the latest Microsoft Dynamics 365 tools.

We approach technology with a human touch. For over 10 years, our solutions have been distinguished by their positive impact on your employees’ daily lives.

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XRM Vision Your CRM and project management Consulting Agency

CRM and project management consulting services will assist you in developing the best strategy for sales, marketing, and customer service activities, as well as maximizing the return on investment from implementation. XRM Vision can help you find the right business application consultant to meet your company’s needs through customized solutions.

What is the distinction between XRM and CRM?

A CRM software is a tool that centralizes and improves customer knowledge and follow-up. An XRM solution uses a CRM platform to manage more than just customer relationships. XRM is first and foremost a broader way of thinking about the CRM platform. Not only does it allow you to manage your relationships with your customers, but it allows you to have real-time access to all the data that influences your decisions, which promotes a healthy management of your business.

XRM stands for “Extended Relationship Management.” XRM is an evolution, a more in-depth look at basic CRM. XRM refers not only to customer relationship management, but to the management of any relationship. All the data collected can be centralized, which enables better decision making. Many data can be taken into account in your XRM, such as the latest information on the stocks of suppliers, partners, competitors, objects (IoT) or even weather forecasts that could have an impact on the attendance of your customers.

What is an XRM strategy ?

An XRM strategy will integrate with your existing platform and improve data management capabilities through more efficient development. This will give you the ability to effectively and simply measure everything that is important to your business.

An XRM strategy also requires thinking outside the box. It’s about finding ways to communicate with your customers that are not only positive, but also memorable.

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